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It’s Up!

The new blog is up at Please update your bookmarks, subscriptions, and so on (subscriptions won’t automatically transfer over to the new blog).

This will (hopefully) be the last post here… unless the new blog implodes, but it’s looking pretty darned stable right now. 🙂


Big Changes Coming!

Just wanted to give all my loyal readers a heads-up about some changes I’ll be making to the blog in the near future. You may see a few less posts than usual until I get everything moved over — depends on what news stories grab my attention and how much time I have to put into the changes.
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Post # 1500!

Just a minor milestone, but I thought it deserved a quick mention… this is the 1,500th post here on ACW since we started it back in November 2008.

Thanks to all our readers for sticking around, and we hope to be here for another 1,500!

Slow Blogging This Weekend…

In honor of the first full weekend of spring, I’m taking a few days off. If something big (or not so big) comes up that I can’t resist pontificating about, you’ll see me this weekend. If not, you’ll see me on Monday!

An Announcement

I’ve been considering and praying about this over the weekend, and I think I’ve decided what I’m going to do.

Since being invited to be a contributor to the PJ Tatler, I’ve been cross-posting several of my posts, but for several reasons (including the extra time and work involved), I don’t think I want to continue doing things that way. Therefore, I’ll be concentrating my blogging on the Tatler for the foreseeable future (or for as long as they’ll have me). This blog will stay up to serve as an archive of my earlier blog posts and thoughts.

You can see all my Tatler posts at this link (it’s automatically updated every time a post of mine is published), but why limit yourself? Drop in and take a look at all the posts on the Tatler.

I look forward to seeing everyone there!

Update 16 March:

For reasons that I won’t go into publicly, I am no longer a contributor at the PJ Tatler. The decision may be reversed, but I’m not holding out much hope, so I’m going to be posting a lot of stuff here for the foreseeable future.

I’m Back! And Better Than Ever!

Again, please forgive me for the long blogging hiatus.

Between the holidays and some major changes at work and in my personal life, this little corner of the blogosphere kinda got put on the back burner for a while. However, something happened today that served to re-spark (is that a word?) my love of blogging.

I’ve been invited to contribute to the PJ Tatler!

I’ll be writing my first piece for the Tatler as soon as I post this, so keep your eyes open. Some posts will be cross-posted (that is, appear both places), some will be Tatler exclusives, and some will be exclusive to my little old home blog here.

Thanks for your patience with my absence… the best is yet to come!

Happy 1,400th!

Just wanted to note that this is the 1,400th post on this here little corner of the blogosphere. And while recently I’ve struggled with a few bouts of internettus interruptus, the latest one this last weekend caused by the failure of my home DSL modem & wifi router, I anticipate being around for a good long time.

Next stop, 1,500!

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