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Timothy Cardinal Dolan On Government Contraception Mandate

Over the weekend Timothy Cardinal Dolan was on Face the Nation, and he spoke out on many issues, including separation of church and state, whether you should vote for or against Romney because he’s a Mormon, and of course the mandate that religious institutions and companies have to provide contraception coverage.

The video is below the fold. If you’re just interested in his comments on the mandate, it starts about 5:15 in the clip.

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Not A Completely Novel Idea But One Worth Returning To

I received the below via email today and, as yet, have not checked the veracity of the claims on amendment passage and such.  I’ve also removed the “pass it on” part simply because this is a blog, not an email.  If you find merit in the ideas then feel free to “pass it on” as you wish.  I have a quibble with the name of the “Act” and the use of the constitutional amendment process.  I believe the original author intended for the bullet points to be a Constitutional Amendment instead of an “Act of Congress”.  As such, I ask for the reader to supply appropriate names for it.

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Obama’s Pushback Czar Linked By Marriage To “General Betray-Us” Ad

The PJ Tatler does the simple research (i.e. Googling) the Dinosaur Media didn’t want to–for reasons that should be obvious soon–and finds an embarrassing connection in the background of Obama’s new Director of Progressive Media & Online Response, Jesse Lee:

Lee is married to Nita Chaudary. Here is a CSPAN transcript from Sep. 10, 2007, wherein Chaudary represents — and ardently defends — for publishing the Petraeus smear ad prior to Petraeus speaking a word before Congress.

Says Chaudary:

We want to make sure the truth gets out there in advance of this testimony.

I found the following bio for Chaudary from 2008:

Nita Chaudhary, Campaign Director at Political Action: Nita leads MoveOn’s campaigns on the Iraq War, Constitutional Liberties as well as running the fundraising program for MoveOn’s 2008 electoral effort. In the past she was the Director of Online organizing for the DNC. She’s also held several positions at People for the American Way, including Media Research Analyst, Web Editor, and Online Organizer.

I think it fairly safe to hypothesize that Chaudary may own that ad: as the leader of MoveOn’s campaigns regarding the Iraq war, the ad as conceived may be her work.

I think anyone familiar with media bias can understand why the Dinosaur Media didn’t bother to report on this part of Lee’s family.

Obama Names Pushback Czar

Watch out, bloggers and commenters, here comes Obama’s Online Pushback Czar:

The White House has named Jesse Lee to a new position within its communications department titled Director of Progressive Media & Online Response. According to The Huffington Post, Lee will essentially be responsible for building up Obama’s online presence as he prepares for his reelection bid, and squashing any negative stories:

Squashing negative stories, hmmm? I guess the First Amendment no longer applies… but why bother with a 200+ year old document when you’re fundamentally transforming America?

One wonders why they just didn’t call it the George Orwell Memorial Ministry of Truth? That even has an easy acronym, GOMMOT. On second thought, that’s not quite as catchy as MiniTrue.

SCOTUS Says Tax Credits For School Vouchers Constitutional

Good news for school choice fans!

The decision, written by Justice Anthony Kennedy and joined by the court’s more conservative members, preserves Arizona’s school voucher program that is funded by tax credits offered to state taxpayers. Most of the students who use the voucher money attend parochial schools.

Opponents of the Arizona system filed a lawsuit claiming the $500 tax credit violates the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause that prohibits the government-backed endorsement of religion. The high court in 1968 said taxpayers could bypass the prohibition against lawsuits if they lodge an Establishment Clause claim.

But on Monday the court ruled that taxpayers could not sue based on a generalized First Amendment complaint but rather need to show specific individual harm to get into a courtroom. “The [Arizona] tax credit is not tantamount to a religious tax or to a tithe and does not visit the injury identified in [1968],” Kennedy wrote.

The distinction between a tax credit and an actual tax or appropriation from general income tax revenues was a key factor in the case, with Kennedy writing that “awarding some citizens a tax credit allows other citizens to retain control over their own funds in accordance with their own consciences.”

Cato has a good explanation:

As Andrew Coulson explained in detail earlier, the Court ruled that education tax credits are not government funds, and the plaintiffs therefore have no standing to bring suit in the first place. They were not harmed because none of their money was collected and then disburse by the state.

Sorry, public education unions, you lose again.

WikiLeaks Doesn’t Know First Amendment; Amazon Does.

Apparently, for a short time, WikiLeaks was paying Amazon for the use of some of their web servers to host their site… but that has now come to an end, for Amazon has (rightfully) pulled da plug. Inc. forced WikiLeaks to stop using the U.S. company’s computers to distribute embarrassing State Department communications and other documents, WikiLeaks said Wednesday.

The ouster came after congressional staff questioned Amazon about its relationship with WikiLeaks, said Sen. Joe Lieberman, an independent from Connecticut.

WikiLeaks confirmed it hours after The Associated Press reported that Amazon’s servers had stopped hosting WikiLeaks’ site. The site was unavailable for several hours before it moved back to its previous Swedish host, Bahnhof AB.

WikiLeaks released a trove of sensitive diplomatic documents on Sunday. Just before the release, its website came under an Internet-based attack that made it unavailable for hours at a time.

WikiLeaks reacted by moving the website from computers in Sweden to those of Amazon Web Services. Amazon has vast banks of computers that can be rented on a self-service basis to meet surges in traffic.

WikiLeaks, predictably, reacted as most lefties do…

“WikiLeaks servers at Amazon ousted. Free speech the land of the free–fine our $ are now spent to employ people in Europe,” the organization said Wednesday in a posting on the Twitter messaging service.

“If Amazon are so uncomfortable with the first amendment, they should get out of the business of selling books,” WikiLeaks said in another tweet.

For the clueless folks over at WikiLeaks, here’s a quick primer on the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

The Bill of Rights applies to the government… in fact, it restricts what the government can do. The First Amendment, therefore, applies to government censorship of speech, not to private companies. A private company can decide to do business with whomever they wish, within certain legal limits, and they can also decide not to do business with someone. That’s how American bookstores can get away with not stocking certain books, either those that don’t sell or those that they have a moral or philosophical objection to. Thus, a Christian bookstore doesn’t have to stock Playboy.

Web hosting companies are the same way. They can–and do–pick and choose what types of content they will carry on their servers. Some companies won’t host adult websites. Some won’t host e-commerce sites. Some will handle either or both of those, but charge more for them. That’s all allowed under the First Amendment, because it’s not the government censoring the speech, it’s a private entity (company) exercising its private property rights on its own property (the web servers).

So, Amazon was perfectly within its rights to bump WikiLeaks off their servers. And, it was probably a good idea. Amazon, as a company that’s in the business of selling books to as many people as they can, doesn’t need the controversy of WikiLeaks being on their servers to drive away business.

Amazon 1, WikiLeaks 0.

Obama’s Secret National Energy Tax

In a blatant unconstitutional attempt to bypass the legislative process, the Obama administration is seeking to impose a national energy tax via the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) [Article – 1. The Hill Newspaper: Energy Independence calls for broad array of sources | 2. The EPA’s Backdoor National Energy Tax].

Statist leftists like President Obama, members of his administration, and many in U.S. Congress do not hold the U.S. Constitution in high regard.  They do not hold average, hard-working Americans in high regard.  They do not hold free-market capitalism in high regard.  It is evident they are now trying to absolutely destroy the American economy, no matter what.

Obama and his administration hold to the belief that humankind, more specifically those in humankind who happen to be American, have caused global warming and are destroying the planet.  Anthropogenic global warming has already been proven to be based on questionable science.  The so-called “scientists” who have promoted anthropogenic global warming have been exposed as liars and frauds.

Anthropogenic global warming is a HOAX!!!  Obama and his administration are basing their policies on a HOAX [Article – Editorial: The Great Global Warming Hoax?]!!!  Who’s going to suffer from their reckless, destructive, economically-eviscerating policies?  Every American…with the exclusion of the very leftist elitists who are imposing their draconian desires upon those whom they view with utter contempt and hatred.  Nobody dare get between them and their twisted, warped vision of what their Shangri-la world should be like.

Topped by all of the out-of-control spending Obama and the spend-o-crats have already tallied up, coupled with the looming government-controlled health care legislation—another potential economy-killer, Obama’s so-called “climate change” legislation-by-proxy will most definitely transform the country, but not in the way he envisioned it to be (or did he?).  It will transform the United States of America into the world’s largest third-world country [Article – 1. Deming: Cap and trade bill will wreck U.S. economy | 2. U.S. Chamber Official Warns That Cap And Trade Bill Will Destroy Jobs | 3. Cap-and-Trade bill does nothing for oil dependence].

It’s becoming more and more evident that Obama and other statist politicians in the United States are unconcerned about the plight of the American people and those who have fallen victim to financial hardship.  They care not one iota about those who are unemployed.  They couldn’t care less about the condition of the average American citizen.  Why are they intent on driving our country into a cauldron of turmoil, suffering, and despair for years to come?  Why do they feel it fitting and proper to impose rules and regulations that do nothing to build up and enrich the American way of life?  Why do they insist on ignoring the will of the American people by passing legislation that will do nothing for our country’s economy?  Why are they scheming and conspiring behind closed doors to do our country harm by trying to stealthily slip their authoritarian edicts behind the backs of the American people, brazenly subverting the provisions set out in the U.S. Constitution?  Those questions and more must be asked of our country’s politicians.  The American people need to stand up and put a stop to abuses of power by any means, short of armed uprising.  I am afraid; however, that if our country’s leaders will not listen to loud dissenting voices and continue to ignore the citizenry, there will be no other choice but to forcibly remove those obstinately self-righteous leaders.  Pray that day never come.

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