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Feds Threatening To Confiscate Musicians’ Instruments

In the history of really bad ideas, this one’s got to be close to the top.

Lawmakers are scrambling to save the summer concert season from federal agents poised to seize the instruments of rock and country stars because the wood used to make them may have been illegally harvested–and without their knowledge.

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Tax Hikes Conservatives Can Support

The Blogfather, Glenn Reynolds, finds a few that I wouldn’t mind seeing enacted:

One of the things that’s been floating around the Web over the past week is a video clip from 1953. It’s a short film produced by the motion picture industry, seeking the end of a 20 percent excise tax on movie theaters’ gross revenues that had been imposed at the end of World War II as a deficit-cutting measure. (Yes, gross, not net).

In the film, figures ranging from industry big shots to humble ticket collectors talk about how the tax is hurting their industry and killing jobs, and ask Congress to repeal the tax.

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Democrat Majority In The U.S. House Leave The Door Open For The “Fairness Doctrine”

In the spirit of civility, integrity and bipartisanship, the Democrat majority in the U.S. House of Representative’s Rules Committee “…rejected the ‘Broadcaster Freedom Amendment’ which would have prevented the Federal Communications Commission from reinstating the so-called ‘Fairness Doctrine’ and enacting proposed broadcast localism regulations for the next fiscal year.” [Press Release – PENCE “PROFOUNDLY DISAPPOINTED” AS DEMOCRATS REJECT VOTE BANNING FAIRNESS DOCTRINE]

Is this a surprise to anyone? The leftist Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives want to censor any views that are in conflict with theirs. In their seething hatred for conservative radio commentators like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck (the top three commentators), they have specifically targeted talk radio for censorship by way of the so-called “Fairness Doctrine”. It’s not enough that leftists control the majority of “mainstream” media outlets (TV shows, newspapers, magazines, etc.). They want full control over all forms of communications to effect the free flow of their propaganda.

Since statist, leftist, Marxist politicians usually regard the U.S. Constitution and its amendments with contempt, it would be natural for them to violate the First Amendment rights of their opposition.

Al Franken Finally Is A U.S. Senator In Spite Of Tax Dodging And Voter Fraud Allegations

Al Franken of Minnesota can now be called “Senator Franken”. The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that Franken finally won the election, an election that was mired in charges of voter fraud on the part of the Franken campaign [Article – Minnesota Supreme Court declares Franken winner of Senate race].

Former comedian Franken was a Saturday Night Live cast member and script writer. He was also a commentator on the irrelevant “progressive” radio talk show, “Air America Radio”. Franken is no stranger to controversy, which should make him one of the darlings of the Democrat party. He has been known to speak and act in a very bizarre manner and to have displayed flashes of a hair-trigger temper [Article – 1. Al Franken’s Blue Ball | 2. Al Franken’s Lies | 3. RNLA Director Thielen: Minn. Voters Didn’t Elect Al Franken | 4. Mischief in Minnesota?].

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‘The View’—Insulting Conservatives 24/7

Talk radio host and Fox News commentator Glenn Beck recently got roasted by the ladies of The View [Video – Glenn Beck Getting Ambushed on ‘The View’].

As always, with the exception of Elisabeth Hasselbeck (although she was virtually MIA in this episode), the ladies of The View, as with the great majority of leftist entertainment/media types, show their utter contempt for those who do not mindlessly go along with their leftist tripe.

Listen to interviews the women of The View have with people who are sympathetic to leftist dogma and then listen to interviews they have with those who are not. If you do not see the difference, there’s no hope for you. These ladies are angry, mean and bitter to the core.

The View is an example of leftist bias on display. They humiliate, degrade, trash, slander and outright eviscerate anyone who is a conservative or leans right-of-center. They suppress free speech. So much for the tolerance and compassion that leftists so frequently love to remind everybody they practice . The women of The View are not objective. They are not fair. They are liars and hypocrites. They are typical leftists.

As long as The View has an audience and sad to say they do, they will continue to spew their hatred for anything conservative. They despise truth and denigrate those who dare speak or reveal it. The View is pure unadulterated leftist chicanery disguised as entertainment.

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