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Happy Monday!

Hope your day goes better than Simon’s:


Halloween Funny

For your cooking–and laughing–pleasure, the Swedish Chef shows us how to make pumpkin pies.

Friday Funnies: The Latest Simon’s Cat

Gotta love the chaos when a new arrival shows up in the Simon’s Cat household.

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Friday Funnies: The First Simon’s Cat

I still wonder if the baseball bat in this one ends up under the refrigerator later.

(video below the fold)

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Friday Funnies (a day late): Simon’s Cat in Hidden Treasure

Okay, how’d the baseball bat fit under there?

You can see all the antics of Simon’s Cat on the official Simon’s Cat YouTube Channel.

(By the way, was that the baseball bat that the cat used in Cat Man Do, the first Simon’s Cat cartoon?)

Friday Funniness: Political Logos That Look Like Bacon!

I just couldn’t resist sharing this one

Bacon is one of the best foods on the planet – and now it looks like some presidential candidates are tapping into Americans’ love of bacon in their logos.

Give Alexa a visit to see the logos in question… the Romney one I find kinda iffy in resembling bacon, but Bachmann’s definitely appears baconesque to me… even though as breakfast meats go, I prefer sausage.

H/T: Vodkapundit

Modern Exodus

Or, how the Jews might have gained their freedom if Moses had used a laptop and WiFi.

As a friendly reminder, Passover starts 18 April. Easter is 24 April this year.

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