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As soon as I get done with work today, I will officially be on vacation for about the next week and a half.

Depending on time and events (both things that I am doing and things happening in the wider world), I may or may not be posting anything during vacation. Regular blogging should–God willing–resume on or around Monday, 12 September.

And lemme tell ya, it felt good to turn the alarm off this morning instead of just resetting it for tomorrow… and I can’t wait to hang a sign on my monitor at work just before I leave. 🙂


In Which I Praise Amazon

This isn’t politics-related, just an example of a company providing exceptional customer service that I thought should be noted publicly.

A couple of weeks ago–1 July, to be exact–I ordered an item from Amazon. It wasn’t that expensive, between $25 and 30, and because I wasn’t in a big hurry for it I specified their Free Super Saver Shipping. Because of the 4th of July weekend and the fact that free shipping is usually the slowest means out there, they gave me an estimated delivery date of the 11th.

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I’m Back Again!

Sorry for light blogging last week… I was having some potentially life-threatening issues with the “hidden disability” I’ve mentioned here a few times, and spent more time than I like in the local ER. Fortunately, thanks to our amazing American medical system, I got care in a timely fashion, and so far it appears that we’ve gotten past the crisis.

Thanks to all those that sent messages asking where I was and how I was doing, and your good wishes and prayers.

September 11, 2001: A Day Of Remembrance

September 11, 2001



9/11 Memories

Open thread for posting your memories of where you were and what you were doing on 9/11 eight years ago.

There will be no–I say again, no–posting of political opinions in this thread, including but not limited to “Truther” theories.

As for me, I was working nights at the time, and had gotten up around 1 pm to get ready for work. I turned on Fox News, saw what was happening, and immediately called my parents with the question, “why didn’t you call me and wake me up?”

Work that night was very somber. We dealt with a lot of stuff that came in via airplane from nearby states, and of course with all flights canceled, there was a mad scramble to figure out how to get the stuff to us, since most of it was time-sensitive, and at the time we had no idea how long the planes were going to be grounded. At least half the staff had brought in portable radios (including me), and were listening for news of another attack, which, at the time, we thought was at least possible.

Okay, enough of my memories… where were you and what were you doing that September morning?

I’m Back

Hello all at ACW. I have been an absentee for a few days due to surgery and recovery (without nationalized health care, mind you). I know I’ve missed a lot of news, current events, etc., but I’m glad to be back. I might not post as frequently as I have before because I will be devoting much of my time and attention toward starting up a business. I’m hoping that I won’t be making more than 250…I mean 200…I mean…150 thousand dollars a year. That way, I will not be contributing too much of my income to the Obama-leftist “Save the Slackers/Nationalized Health Care/Save the World” fund.

Apologies for Light Posting

Sorry we haven’t been posting as much as usual recently. Personally, I got hit with one of those terrible colds that has settled in my chest as a nagging, continuing cough (3 weeks now and still coughing), and it’s really hard to get much sleep when you’re trying to cough up one or both lungs. I believe one of my compatriots here has been similarly struck, and the rest of the gang has had various issues to take care of, as well.

I am starting to feel more like my usual (snarky) self, so hopefully I can get up the energy to do more writing soon.

Please bear with all of us, and prayers are definitely appreciated.

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