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Specter Compares Romney To Porn Star

The Republican turned Democrat turned loser turned stand-up comedian made a crude comment on national TV:

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter took a jab at presidential hopeful Mitt Romney Wednesday by teasingly comparing him to an adult film star.

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Ironic That Obama Is Faced With The Argument He Used Against Hillary’s Mandate

Once in a while, our cousins across the pond see things better than we do here, as in this article from the London (UK) Daily Mail.

Even more ironic is that the justices, or five of them at least, look like they might force President Barack Obama back to the drawing board partly on the basis of the argument one Senator Obama made against then Senator Hillary Clinton in 2008.

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Questions Asked May Signal Supreme Court Opposed To Individual Mandate

If the questions the 3 “swing” justices asked today are any indication — and, honestly, they may not be — ObamaCare’s mandate may be in deep trouble.

Even before the administration’s top lawyer could get three minutes into his defense of the mandate, some justices accused the government of pushing for excessive authority to require Americans to buy anything.

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Obama Telegraphs Second Term: “More Flexibility.”

The Smartest President Evar ™ doesn’t realize that the microphones are on and got caught making a very revealing comment to Russian President Dmitri Medvedev (emphasis added):

President Obama: On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.

President Medvedev: Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…

President Obama: This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.

President Medvedev: I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Just something to brighten your St. Pat’s… a classic Irish song by three marvelous Irish singers (below the fold).

If you’re not Irish, just fake it for today.

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Electric Cars “Greener” Than Gasoline Cars? Not So Fast…

And yet another lefty canard bites the dust, ironically due to a report commissioned by a group with a vested interest in finding the opposite:

An electric car owner would have to drive at least 129,000km before producing a net saving in CO2. Many electric cars will not travel that far in their lifetime because they typically have a range of less than 145km on a single charge and are unsuitable for long trips. Even those driven 160,000km would save only about a tonne of CO2 over their lifetimes.

The British study, which is the first analysis of the full lifetime emissions of electric cars covering manufacturing, driving and disposal, undermines the case for tackling climate change by the rapid introduction of electric cars.


The study was commissioned by the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, which is jointly funded by the British government and the car industry. It found that a mid-size electric car would produce 23.1 tonnes of CO2 over its lifetime, compared with 24 tonnes for a similar petrol car. Emissions from manufacturing electric cars are at least 50 per cent higher because batteries are made from materials such as lithium, copper and refined silicon, which require much energy to be processed.

Many electric cars are expected to need a replacement battery after a few years. Once the emissions from producing the second battery are added in, the total CO2 from producing an electric car rises to 12.6 tonnes, compared with 5.6 tonnes for a petrol car. Disposal also produces double the emissions because of the energy consumed in recovering and recycling metals in the battery. The study also took into account carbon emitted to generate the grid electricity consumed.

Any smart person knows that the battery production, not to mention the generation of the electricity to charge those batteries, would make these “green” cars significantly less “green,” but the lefties with their utopian blinders on aren’t able to see what’s obvious to the rest of us.

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Perry May Run For President

Rick Perry is starting to sound like a candidate:

Gov. Rick Perry today gave his strongest indication yet that he may run for president.

“I’m going to think about it” after the legislative session ends Monday, Perry said. He added, “But I think about a lot of things.”

For years, Perry has said that he would not run for president and that he had no interest in the job. He has often said that he has said no to the presidential question in as many ways as he could.

But he and his advisers have inched closer to saying he may run all week, following the announcement that Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels would not enter the GOP field. A couple of days ago, he told Greta Van Susteren on Fox News that a run was tempting.

Gov. Perry would certainly shake up the current crop of hopefuls, and might even stand a good chance of winning the whole thing.

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