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Unions To Abandon Democrats?

It would be nice, but color me skeptical

The growing rift between labor and their Democratic allies was on full display Thursday, as AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka told reporters that labor groups are planning to scale back their involvement with the Democratic Party in advance of the 2012 elections.

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AFL-CIO President Would Consider Being A Socialist A Step Up

Gotta love it when someone accidentally let slip something revealing, as AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka did recently:

Trumka said he’d like to see the U.S. become more like a European nation that provides pensions and health care for all its citizens. He said he is accustomed to criticism and doesn’t mind if conservatives call that socialism.

“Being called a socialist is a step up for me,” he said.

Bookmark this post–no, really, go ahead–and use it the next time some lefty tells you that unions are not at the very least pro-socialist.

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Now Who Is Doing The Fear Mongering?

President Obama, who promised bipartisanship and that he would “listen” to all points of view, said this in his Labor Day speech to members of the AFL-CIO:

President Obama, if you want to accuse your opponents of fear mongering, at least wait until your next speech before you do the same thing you are accusing others of doing.

Leftist Groups Prepare Their Own Health Care Reform Town Hall Strategies

The very things leftist politicians, labor unions, media outlets, blogs and “community organizing” groups are accusing “right-wingers” of doing are exactly what they have been and are doing [Article – The hypocrisy and lies by the Left regarding Town Hall protests are adding fuel to the fire]. For your edification:

Harry Reid: ‘Phony’ Health Care Protests Astroturf, not Grassroots

Democrats slam town-hall protests as ‘phony’

Unions Object to Mob Rule

Democrats’ Fear Is Showing on Health Care

Fear or Loathing: Democrats Raise Specter of Swastikas to Cancel Town Halls

Remember folks, the left constantly brags about knowing how to protest and “organize” better than their opponents on the right. Why not? They have had decades of experience. When their own tactics are used against them, they whine and complain that “unruly mobs” are interfering with the Democratic process. They accuse anti-government takeover protestors at town halls and other forums of being disorganized “astroturf” and swastika-carrying “Nazis”. How hypocritical they are [Article – 1. White House advises Dems on health care protests | 2. Dem memo plots message war on insurers | 3. Revealed: Pelosi July 31 Strategy Memo | 4. HCAN Prepares Pro-Health Care Reform Activists For Responding To Town Hall Disruptions, Plans To Disrupt The Disrupters]!

Keep up the fight against power and control-hungry Marxists in the United States. They are willing to destroy you and this country to achieve their sinister aims and to selfishly reach their insidious goals.

Union And Community Organizer Thugs Attack Town Hall Attendees

Well folks, I knew this would happen.

Freedom and liberty-loving Americans are being physically assaulted at town hall meetings and fourms by leftist hit men intent on violating First Amendment rights [Press Release – Demand Justice! Denounce Violence! Saturday at SEIU Office | Article – Castor heartened by reaction to town hall tumult]. Here are videos proving that “caring”, “compassionate”, “tolerant” radical extremist left-wingers are nothing more than cowardly, animalistic and vicious thugs:

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