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And I Thought Crosshairs On Political Things Was Bad, Part Two

In the wake of the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, the left told us time and time and time again that putting crosshairs on things like maps was bad, evil, incitement to violence, etc… so where’s the lefty outrage about this?

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Another Democrat Charged With Embezzling, Fraud

Do you think the MSM will cover this story?

A longtime California Democratic campaign treasurer embezzled at least $7 million from as many as 50 clients including politicians, local officials and other political entities in a scheme that continued for more than 10 years, according to a new court filing by federal prosecutors.

Kinde Durkee, who spent two decades working for scores of campaigns in California and was Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s campaign treasurer, was charged with five new counts of mail fraud in the court filing late Tuesday.

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George Zimmerman Is A Registered Democrat

Once again, the lefties’ transparent attempt to smear conservatives with a tragic event has fallen flat on its face when the truth comes out:

The individual at the center of the controversial Trayvon Martin shooting is a registered Democrat.

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Where Is The Outrage Over Miss State Shooting?

We’ve all been treated to lots of outrage over the Trayvon Martin shooting, but there was another shooting of a college student over the weekend.

A student was shot to death at a Mississippi State University residence hall late Saturday night, prompting campus-wide alerts as authorities searched for suspects who fled the scene. The university held a press conference Sunday morning at 10 a.m. to release more details.

Why didn’t this one make the national news? Why haven’t Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson express their outrage? Why hasn’t President Obama spoken out about this shooting?

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Former VP Cheney Gets Heart Transplant; Lefties Respond With Hate

I knew this would happen as soon as I saw the news of Mr. Cheney’s transplant this weekend. I apologize for posting such crude language, but these are unedited tweets:

“Whoever donated their heart to dick cheney: fuck you,” tweeted @yokelesy.

Considering that the heart donor is no longer living, that seems a bit difficult, @yokelsey.

“Cheney’s black soul keeps rotting out his heart. Fuck that bitch,” @SolidGlo waxed poetic.

“Why in the contumacious fuck are we wasting a perfectly good heart on dick cheney?” tweeted @mr_senor_pete

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LA Set To Throw First Amendment Away (Update: They Did It.)

Good old “tolerant” lefties want to take away the free speech rights of those that disagree with them… again!

City Council members were one step closer on Wednesday to becoming the first in the nation to adopt a resolution condemning certain types of speech on public airwaves.

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Gas Prices Highest Since 1990

Gas prices under President Obama are now even higher than they were under President Bush the younger, whom lefties castigated for high gas prices:

The average price of a gallon of regular is now $3.87, the highest recorded price in March. The average price is up nearly 4 cents from a week ago, and over 30 cents from a year ago, according to the Department of Energy, as more drivers face gas prices of $4 a gallon or more across the country.

Last week, the average gas price was $3.83 a gallon, the previous record according to data going back to 1990.

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