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Obamanomics: FAIL

How is Obamanomics working for us lately? Has there been job creation such has not been seen since the Reagan years? Are there “shovel ready” jobs popping up everywhere? Is unemployment in the eight to nine percent range? Is the dollar rebounding and strengthening in value? Is the United States still ensconced as a financial and economic power?

Possible answers:

Obama Eyes Economic Triage for Unemployed

Obama Weighs Spending to Stem Job Cuts Without Second Stimulus

U.S. Sept non-farm payrolls plunge 263,000

Swiss topple U.S. as most competitive economy: WEF

Gold soars to record on dollar standard talk

Dr. Doom: U.S. economy faces ‘death by a thousand cuts’

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More Indoctrination Of Children? What’s the excuse now?

More indoctrination of our country’s children, this time it’s in Asheville, North Carolina. What’s the excuse now? Was it Black History month?

This was at a PTA meeting, no less. How many parents in attendance were offended? I didn’t hear any background noise in the video, so I assume that parents who were offended didn’t want to take school officials to task in front of their children. They likely waited until after the “show” to calmly and tactfully express their displeasure. At least, I hope that was the case and that they just didn’t sit there passively after their children were finished spreading leftist propaganda.

He Wants Your Kids (Continued): School Children Sing About Obama

In keeping with the theme of a previous ACW post, video of school children singing the praises of the esteemed ruler, savior of the world, potentate and “god” (with a small “g”) Obama has been released:

I wonder how many more schools are allowing this to happen. Given the dismal condition of America’s public education system, one would think that our country’s schools should be concentrating on actually educating our children, instead of singing songs praising a person who has done nothing to raise the spirits of every American, since he has been inaugurated. Politics should stay out of pre-elementary, elementary, junior high and middle schools, period. There are political science-type classes in high school, but lesson plans of those classes should be neutral in political affiliation and not promote one ideology over another. Read More…

U.S. Dollar Continues To Weaken

The U.S. dollar continues to take a dive in value, but why? I thought our recession was slowing. I thought there was light at the end of the economic tunnel. What is going on? Why are world leaders now entertaining the idea of weakening the dollar to rebalance the worldwide economic situation [Article – FX COLUMN-Global rebalancing to weaken dollar, quietly]? There are several ideas, but we are not helping ourselves through reckless economic policies. Is it ignorance on the part of the Obama administration and the Federal Reserve or is it a calculated maneuver? I shudder at the thought of either one or the other.

Federal Reserve steps up its debt monetization

Monetizing Debt: The Grandest of Larcenies

Saying Goodbye to the Borrow and Spend Economy

Obama To The U.N. – Don’t Count On Us, Slams Israel

In today’s speech to the United Nations, our Apologist-in-Chief, President Obama told the world to basically not count on us for help, while at the same time asking for their cooperation on such matters as reducing carbon emissions, fighting infectious diseases, and opening economic policies in an effort to more actively participate in the world market. He also took the opportunity to trash Israel and elevate the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority.

“Those who used to chastise America for acting alone in the world cannot now stand by and wait for America to solve the world’s problems alone,” Obama said. Read More…

Climate Change – More Scientists Withdraw Support

President Obama gave his speech to the United Nations on global climate change. Did he finally say something nice about the United States and its continuing efforts, innovations and successes contributing to a clean environment and becoming more energy efficient? Of course not [Article – Obama Says U.S. ‘Determined’ to Combat Climate Change, Despite Senate Delay].

Meanwhile, more and more scientists, climatologists and climate modelers are abandoning the carbon-caused, carbon dioxide-induced, global warming (climate change) theory [Article – 1. Scientists pull about-face on global warming: Admit that the earth is cooling – for now | 2. Scientists admit global warming is a hoax (April fools) | 3. It’s the Climate Warming Models, Stupid! | 4. FATAL ERRORS IN IPCC’S GLOBAL CLIMATE MODELS | 5. Climate Momentum Shifting: Prominent Scientists Reverse Belief in Man-made Global Warming – Now Skeptics | 6. No smoking hot spot].

Obama Advisor Axelrod: No Health Insurance Across State Lines

David Axelrod, one of President Obama’s senior advisors, reveals a little bit of the truth regarding leftist plans for the insurance industry. To his credit, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer of all people, grills Axelrod as shown below:

After bumbling, stumbling and fumbling through Blitzer’s questioning, Axelrod finally defines what the Obama administration is in his statements: President Obama, his administration and other leftist politicians are anti-capitalists. Most, if not all of them are Marxists. They are no more concerned about the American economy than Hugo Chavez or Fidel and Raul Castro. All they care about is furthering their radical leftist agendas. The more they talk, the more of their radicalism they let slip out [Article – Axelrod nixed selling health insurance across state lines].

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