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Gingrich Campaign Check Bounces


Utah Elections Director Mark Thomas said a designated agent for the Gingrich campaign brought the filing papers and a check for $500 in March, but the state was notified by the bank that the check had bounced. He said the office has tried to contact the Gingrich campaign through the telephone number and email provided on the application, but has not received a response.

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Rick Is Out.

Just in:

GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum said Tuesday he is suspending his campaign.

He made the announcement at the Gettysburg Hotel in Gettysburg, Pa., talking about his young daughter’s illness and reflecting on the campaign.

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Romney Wins Maryland, DC, and Wisconsin

Mitt Romney taking victories in Maryland and the District of Columbia isn’t a big surprise because that’s pretty much his home territory, but his victory in Wisconsin is a bit more interesting, because it’s a midwestern state that was supposed to be an easy win for Rick Santorum.

Mitt Romney’s campaign is moving straight into Pennsylvania after completing a three-contest primary sweep on Tuesday night, as he looks to close the deal in the Republican nominating contest by challenging Rick Santorum on his home turf.

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Cain Ramping Up Campaign

Speaking of Herman Cain, looks like he’s ready to kick his campaign into high gear.

Seizing modest momentum in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, businessman Herman Cain promised to invest in additional staff and campaign more aggressively in New Hampshire and Iowa.

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