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Sarah Palin NOT Running For President

Sorry, all you Sarah supporters, she’s just bowed out.

According to a letter Mark Levin reports was sent to her supporters:

After much prayer and serious consideration, I have decided that I will not be seeking the 2012 GOP nomination for President of the United States. As always, my family comes first and obviously Todd and I put great consideration into family life before making this decision. When we serve, we devote ourselves to God, family and country. My decision maintains this order.

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Palin Declares A (Qualified) Victory

Sarah Palin seems to have the right idea on the debt limit deal (emphasis in original):

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said Monday’s House vote to lift the debt ceiling was a victory for the tea party, proving that conservative activists had shifted the conversation in Washington.

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Perry “Secures Haley Barbour’s Money With Sarah Palin’s Endorsement”

…and that’s not just the word of any Joe on the street, that’s a big shot in New Hampshire GOP politics:

“His obvious disgust for the federal government makes him attractive to the tea party-aligned voters here,” Andrew Hemingway, chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Liberty Caucus, told RCP.

As the nation’s longest-serving governor, Perry could also boast of having the executive experience and record of achievement in government that some of the other tea party-backed candidates in the field may lack.

Perry is Barbour’s successor as chairman of the Republican Governors Association and was also enthusiastically endorsed by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in his 2010 primary fight against Kay Bailey Hutchinson.

With Perry’s history of straddling the establishment and tea party wings of the party, Hemingway offered a bold prediction for the unique assets that the Texas governor could bring to the table in New Hampshire. “I think ultimately Rick Perry is a candidate who secures Haley Barbour’s money with Sarah Palin’s endorsement,” he said.

Hmmm… Iowa… New Hampshire… and a Texan should do fairly well in South Carolina…

I think he’s running.

Palin Fan Says She Can’t Beat Obama

It would be hard to find a stronger Palin supporter than John Ziegler:

However you’d describe our dealings with each other, though, one thing is undeniable: the most controversial figure in American politics ended up dominating my life in ways I could have never imagined, until I finally reached my breaking point, days before she made her way up the east coast on a bus, stopping along the way to have public pizza with Donald Trump. The whole strange spectacle made pretty much the entire planet conclude that she’s probably running for president.

Now, with Sarah’s bus tour of historic sites seemingly completed, and the biggest decision of her life directly in front of her, I wish her the best—I genuinely do. Without a doubt, she’s been subjected to the most biased media coverage in modern political history; enough to leave even the most thick-skinned of candidates shivering in the fetal position on the side of the road. Instead, she’s survived and, in many ways, prospered. For that, I will always respect and admire her. Everyone should.

Mr. Ziegler even directed Media Malpractice about the 2008 campaign and the way the press mistreated Palin. This man is not a RINO, nor a squish, he’s known and supported Sarah Palin for at least 3 years.

However, he has news for her: She can’t beat Obama, and her entry into the race might make it harder for any conservative to do so:

But in spite of being approached by Sarah’s husband Todd only a month ago and specifically discussing the possibility, I won’t be working on any Palin presidential campaign. Why? Well, first of all, contrary to what geniuses like Andrew Sullivan and Howard Dean may want you to believe, there is absolutely no way that she can be elected. I’ve told this to her directly; more than once. While many pundits mistakenly think what she is doing is some Trump-like PR stunt, I’m pretty convinced she is running and in doing so will damage the prospects of any conservative defeating Barack Obama in 2012.

These aren’t my only concerns.

There’s also the fact that Sarah’s entire operation is increasingly managed like a CIA field office; that she’s adopted a bunker mentality; that she’s trusting the wrong people, some of whom I know are simply exploiting her. As a result, even those most loyal to her get tossed under the bus, with little or no effort to avoid the collateral damage. Which raises the question: if people like me who would once have taken a bullet for Sarah (and at least figuratively I did many times) can’t get behind her any more, what the hell happened?

I don’t want to quote too much… really, read the whole thing at the Daily Caller.

I will, however, add one more thing, aimed specifically at those who think Sarah is the Second Coming of Christ:

Her supporters will tell you that such heresy is just what the media wants you to believe. That I am naively falling into their trap. That an energized base is all we need to win. In this case, no matter what the great Rush Limbaugh says, that is all absolute hogwash.

First of all, almost everyone has already made up their mind about Palin and she has well over a 50 percent disapproval rating with no office/position where she can do/achieve anything to significantly change the narrative about her. About the only opportunity she would have to get a second look is to do high-profile interviews with liberal media types and, against my counsel, she has indicated she has no intention of doing that.

Secondly, it is a myth that “Palin 2.0” energizes the base in any extraordinary way. I know this from sales and traffic figures, and because while screening my film around the country I was essentially doing Sarah Palin focus groups. I can assure you that the number of ardent Palin supporters, while very significant, is largely overstated and that the number of normally Republican voters who have been duped by the media into strongly believing they would not vote for Palin under any circumstances is significantly underestimated.

I fully expect the Palinistas to attack me now… all I can say is, bring it on!

A Simple Question For Arianna Huffington

Courtesy Daily Caller:

Andrew Breitbart called Van Jones a “punk.” Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a “cunt.” Which one did you ban again?

There’s that double standard thing again.

Fox News Suspends Gingrich Until He Confirms He’s Not Running In 2012


Fox News has suspended contributors Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum until they decide whether to run for president.

Anchor Bret Baier announced on air late Wednesday morning that the network “has suspended its contributor arrangements” with Gingrich and Santorum for the next 60 days.

Both, Baier said, “have signaled possible runs for the presidency” and it “is Fox policy” for them to be suspended.

With the suspensions, the network has taken its first big step to address mounting concerns that it could run afoul of campaign finance laws and journalistic ethics by continuing to keep on its payroll people who are maneuvering to run for president. But the suspensions of two contributors also leads to questions about three others on the Fox payroll — Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin and John Bolton — who are also weighing White House bids.

Personally, given that they’ve also flirted with running in 2012, Huckabee, Palin, and Bolton should also be suspended under the same terms, which amount to, confirm that you’re not going to run in 2012. Ethics would seem to demand that Fox cease their association with these potential candidates until they take themselves out of the running for 2012 once and for all.

Hat Tip: HotAir.

Palin Not A Birther

I’m not sure how much the Palinistas and Birthers overlap, but I am suspecting that there is at least some, and those people are gonna be chagrined at this:

“Do you question his [Obama’s] faith and citizenship?” Palin was asked today during an onstage interview hostedby the Long Island Association. Her answer was brief and to the point.

“I don’t, and those are distractions,” she said to some applause. “What we’re concerned about is the economy. And we’re concerned about the policies coming out of his administration and what he believes in terms of biggovernment or private sector. So, no, the faith, the birth certificate, others can engage in that kind ofconversation. It’s distracting. It gets annoying and let’s just stick with what really matters.”

I happen to agree. The whole Birther and He’s-a-closet-Muslim things are merely distractions, and he’s playing them well–whether deliberately or accidentally–to distract a certain segment of the population from what he is doing to the economy, even if it only takes away part of their attention.

As a famous fiction book series said, the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. And the main thing has gotta be getting our economy back in order and the debt and deficit under control. So kudos to Sarahcuda for recognizing that.

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