Big Changes Coming!

Just wanted to give all my loyal readers a heads-up about some changes I’ll be making to the blog in the near future. You may see a few less posts than usual until I get everything moved over — depends on what news stories grab my attention and how much time I have to put into the changes.

This weekend (May 18-20):

We’ll be moving off of and onto our own webhost, with a new URL. It will probably be, but as I haven’t registered it yet that’s not set in stone. I’ll still be using the WordPress software, and I will be exporting all the stuff from this site and importing it into the new one, so we won’t lose the posts. Links from one post to another may not work after the move, unfortunately.

This will require a change in appearance of the blog, because the “theme” I’m currently using isn’t available for self-hosted WordPress blogs. I’m still browsing available themes, so I’m not sure how similar it will appear to what we have now. I may also play with it a bit, so you might see different themes showing up for the first few weeks. If you want to suggest a theme, the theme library is here, I’ll be glad to listen to any suggestions.

After the big move, I’ll have lots of different options for add-ons and things I can do with the blog, so once again suggestions are welcomed.

One thing I’ll likely do in the fairly near term after the move is to make the blog available as a Kindle subscription. What this means to you, the reader, is that if you have a Kindle device (except the Kindle Fire, unfortunately), you’ll be able to have new posts delivered right to it when you sync for a monthly subscription fee. I don’t know yet how much that will be, but it shouldn’t be that expensive. More info on that when it happens.

Another thing I’ve considered is adding a forum, which would allow for a lot more interaction between readers, and between myself and the readers — and not just about politics.

Aside from changes to the back end, which shouldn’t affect what you see, those are the biggest changes I have in mind right now. Please bear with me as I work to take the blog to the next level.

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