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AP Makes Dick Cheney Look Like Two-Face

Come on, AP, couldn’t you find a better picture of Dick Cheney to run for this story about him appearing at the WY state GOP convention than this one?

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Did The Obamas Pay A Lower Rate Than Their Secretary? (Updated: Question Answered?)

The President and First Lady released their tax returns today, and they paid significantly less than the 30% figure he uses for the Buffett Rule, though to be honest, he didn’t reach the million dollar threshold the Buffett Rule would impose.

The President’s effective federal income tax rate is 20.5%.

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Obama-Face Flag Taken Down, Owner Calls Neighbors “Angry, Maybe Even Evil-Minded”

I guess in Wes Kennedy’s world, there’s no room for anything except religious devotion to The One True Obama:

A South Jersey man has come up with what he hopes is a solution to a controversy over the American flag that he flew in his yard — a flag bearing the image of President Barack Obama in place of the field of stars.

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